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ABOVE-20 Women's Lace Up Winter Running Shoes


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We are so sure that our shoes will be enjoyed by you. Comfortable slip on style for the user to put on and take off. These walking shoes for women have a sturdy knit upper with a good stretch that helps the foot to fit comfortably, offering great freedom and comfort with breathable and fashionable smooth fabric.

The effect of the foot while running can be absorbed by a high quality sole, very lightweight women's shoes, with a complete sense of technology. After being worn this cute and stylish boot for a long time, keeping you warm on rainy days, the sole will not get hard or will not harden in winter.

Easy to degrade, in addition to environmentally friendly materials. Feet will look and feel their best in these modern fitness girl's shoes. These shoes are ideal for every day, such as long term work, walking, casual, floor shoes, plantar shoes, etc.


Brand Name: FOREVER

Style Name: ABOVE-20

Type: Shoes

Style: Fashion

Feature: Light casual shoe

Sex: Female

Colors: Neon Yellow, Neon Fuchsia, Neon Orange

Item Type: Lace up shoe sneakers 

Colors: Neon Yellow, Neon Fuchsia, Neon Orange With a White sole

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